Literary Management


Legal support for Creatives, Artists, and Innovators.

CMD offers full-service literary management.

Our authors benefit from an energetic and client-focused team. We give writers the time and personal attention they deserve as we work collaboratively to fine-tune manuscripts and develop proposals. We submit the material to publishers on our authors' behalves, and then negotiate contracts and monitor marketing and sales efforts to ensure they receive the maximum benefits of their work. We are interested in helping authors to build their careers and therefore concentrate not only on what is the best offer now, but what will be the best decision in the long term. Furthermore, we respond promptly and personally to resolve any difficulties or concerns our clients may experience during the publishing process.

International representation

Our authors' work has sold into more than three dozen territories around the world. To secure these sales, we work with Cooke International, a dedicated foreign rights sales team who are well-known and highly regarded in the international publishing community. Our clients are further represented through Cooke International's extensive network of specialized co-agents, who in turn trust us to sell some of their best-known clients in Canada. We travel regularly to major publishing centres, book fairs, and conventions to foster relationships abroad and promote our authors' work, giving us a truly international perspective.


CookeMcDermid is at the forefront of the legal, financial and contractual issues surrounding the publishing industry. We offer great attention to detail in all our paperwork and financial transactions, which are communicated to clients in a comprehensive, easy-to-understand format. There is always someone available to answer questions in a knowledgeable and timely fashion.

TELEVISION, FILm & stage rights

In this era of "peak TV" and cinematic innovation, there is a booming market for film, TV and stage rights to literary works. We have agents in-house who specialize in this field, and we work with a network of film/TV co-agents in Hollywood, New York and Toronto to ensure that our books get into the hands of today's most talented and sought after filmmakers. We negotiate options and purchase agreements with an eye to proper compensation and a fair grant of rights. Tailoring each contract according to a project’s scope, size, and budget, we ensure each and every deal for creative rights is rewarding for all parties.


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Editorial development

Our authors write quality fiction and non-fiction and are regularly recognized by national and international awards. Each of our agents has a background in professional editorial and publishing work and we are conscientious and meticulous in our editorial input on your manuscripts and proposals. Our clients also share the benefits of our broad network of colleagues and contacts in the international publishing community, as well as our up-to-the-minute perspective on North American and global markets acquired through daily information gathering and analysis.

Speaking, Merchandising & other opportunities

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