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areas of interest

As of July 2018, the below agents are actively seeking manuscripts and projects in the following categories (to be confirmed):

Chris Bucci - thrillers, research-driven non-fiction

Ron Eckel - horror

Rachel Letofsky - middle grade, YA, literary fiction, narrative non-fiction

Paige Sisley - commercial suspense, upmarket women's fiction

We do not represent screenplays. We do welcome people of all backgrounds, identities and perspectives to submit their work and are proud to represent a wide array of voices. 

Submission Process 

Please submit your query to CookeMcDermid using the submission form below. If we are interested in seeing more, we will be in touch via email to invite you to send further material.

We do not accept queries by postal mail. Hard submissions will not be read.

We do our best to evaluate submissions within twelve weeks of when they are received. Due to an extremely high volume of queries, we do not respond personally to each one but we can assure you that every query is carefully read and considered. You will not receive detailed criticism of your work unless we are interested in representing it.

If you have an update on a previous submission, e.g. you have received an offer of representation from another agency, please be in touch with us via the Contact page here

Thank you for considering CookeMcDermid. 


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Please specify the intended agent. If you're not sure, you may refer to the areas of interest above or our About Us page.
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Please copy and paste the first four pages of your manuscript (plus the table of contents, if non-fiction).