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Nathan Isberg

Isberg, Nathan - Author photo.jpeg

Nathan Isberg has worked at some of the top restaurants in Canada, including Lumière, Rain and Avalon (all of which were considered cream-of-the-crop restaurants in the early 2000s), despite having no formal training as a chef. In 2010 he opened his own restaurant, the Atlantic, which focused on cuisine that was “a little lower on the food chain.” Using a pay-what-you-want model, it was one of the most experimental restaurants in Toronto, and it was a critical success. Famed British food critic Giles Coren called it “mad, challenging, soulful, seriocomic” and “without question the most brain-affecting restaurant I encountered in a joyful, food-filled week in Toronto.” Long-standing Toronto critic Joanne Kates called it “an in-your-face rebellion against the conventions of what a restaurant offers.” The Toronto Star’s Amy Pataki once called Nathan “a chef and anthropologist who puts big ideas into practice.” Nathan’s latest establishment, Awai, opened last winter and was named a top ten restaurant of 2017 by Toronto Life magazine. It is a vegan restaurant (although Nathan does not advocate for the moral superiority of veganism) and it carries forth his faith in the pay-what-you-want model. A voracious reader, Nathan has a degree in anthropology and is often referred to as “the philosopher chef.”